Several years ago, working at one of the Big 3, a colleague and I were known to push the envelope of change. We were venting after one too many meetings where we were told, “This […]

Have you ever walked in or alongside a dried up river bed? Perhaps you have stepped over smooth boulders or small pebbles and imagined a mighty river once flowing there? On your walk, you would […]

I admit to being hooked on the Olympics. The four year global experience is one of my favorites, especially the winter games. Is anyone else suffering from Olympic fatigue like I am? Tired from staying […]

What is servant leadership? How can you benefit from it? Serving at its core meaning is setting aside your own needs and desires, in order to aid or assist others with their needs. Notice I […]

For somebody suffering from alcoholism, the decision to enter a rehabilitation program can be a difficult yet ultimately rewarding one. It takes courage and self-awareness to acknowledge there is a problem, and with the support […]

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