Support Innovation

The Prometheus Fellowship Programmes and Training have been tested to deliver outstanding value for Corporate Sponsors looking to make serious impact

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Gain Confidence

The Promethues Junior Fellowship provides a comprehensive training to help participants grow in confidence and gain new skills

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Be Successful

Success comes to those who have a clear plan and the motivation to work hard. Prometheus Fellowship Programe provides the support you need

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Train to Gain

Our training programmes are designed to provide an interactive learning platform aimed at helping you explore and learn in creative ways

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  • diversity (1) Diversity
    In a multi-ethnic society like Nigeria, it is through valuing diversity that individuals learn...
  • download Excellence
    Striving for excellence encourages individuals to raise their game; to move through obstacles; to be...
  • images Leadership
    We believe in the need to shape and develop role models for today and...

Welcome to Prometheus Fellowship Programme

Prometheus Fellowship Programme is an innovative educational, leadership and personal development programme that is at the forefront of developing diverse young talent.



Our vision for Nigeria is a nation in which the talents of all its citizens truly shine - a nation where the brightest and the best can take their rightful place as leaders in their workplaces and in their communities.
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